Whatsapp New Feature of Pin Chat

Whatsapp New Feature of Pin Chat : In the instant messaging app WhatsApp, new features have begun. Earlier it was in beta version, but now people have started getting this update.

Whatsapp has released a statement saying, “After the Pin Chat feature, you will no longer need to scroll much to find the best friend or special meeting of family members. Users can now pin three groups or individual chats, which will be the top of them. Just tap the chat and click the pin icon ‘

Significantly, there is such a feature in Facebook and Twitter too. Posts in the page can be done on top of Facebook via pin post.

If you are an Android user then update your Whatsapp via Google Play Store, you will get this feature. This update is 8.44 MB which can be downloaded via mobile data or WiFi connection.

If you are an iOS user then maybe this option has not been given for now. However, these features can be given to iPhone users in the coming days.

If you are the official Beta App Tester of WhatsApp, you can use new features by updating the WhatsApp app from the Google Play store. If not, you can download the new version by visiting the APK Mirror website.

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