NASA and ISRO join Together, creating ‘Earth imaging satellite’

NASA and ISRO join Together, creating ‘Earth imaging satellite’ : Interaction between US Space Agency NASA and India’s Space Agency ISRO was not possible due to restrictions for a time, but the circumstances have now changed. Both the space agency jointly work on a satellite, which will monitor the Earth. It has been named NISAR.

Nissar or NASA-ISRO synthetic aperture radar satellite may be the world’s most expensive semantic imaging satellite. According to report, the two countries have to spend $ 1.5 billion jointly to build Nissar. Scientists from India and America are working hard to give the actual shape of this satellite.

Paul A. Rosen, a scientist working on Nissar Satellite Project, said, “Nissar is the first major partnership between NASA and ISRO. This is a two-frequency radar. Its L-band will be 24 centimeters, while S-Band 13 centimeters. S-band is making ISRO, while developing the L-band NASA. It is technically a big shared program between the two agencies. ‘

In 2021, Nissar Satellite will be launched from India via Gio Synchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV). Clearly, Nissar will open a new horizon in India and US relations.

Rosen said, “With the help of these two radars, we will take pictures of the Earth every week. Through these photographs, tectonic plates, ice layers, fluctuations in sea level, forests and agricultural land will help monitor the vegetation that is growing.

They said, ‘We are recording the time of change on earth in a way. This will tell us how the disaster takes shape. How earthquakes come and how the volcano bursts occur. As well as the melting of ice layers, sea level is changing. And how forests and forests affect the environment. It is very important that the changes in the climate that the society takes care of changes in climate change. What is changing in the environment and how it affects the society.

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